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We handle a broad range of immigration matters, including work permits, visas, study permits, permanent resident status and citizenship. Our expertise extends to the Golden Visa (residency through the acquisition of a Greek property) program that has been attracting immense interest from non-EU nationals the past few years. This program enables non-EU nationals to obtain a residence permit in Greece through the acquisition of a property of at least 250,000 Euros (known as the golden visa through property investment) or through a strategic investment.

The golden visa through property investment is highly sought after by non-EU nationals as it is one of the most competitive ones. As a firm, we have successfully obtained a Greek residence permit for numerous non-EU nationals and family members (spouse, children and parents), including applicants from China, Russia, the Middle East etc. and are currently also in the process of obtaining the renewal of such residence permits for several clients. We note that the initial duration of the Greek residence permit is 5 years and this is renewable every 5 years (assuming the applicant retains ownership of the property and fulfills the conditions set by law).

All-in-all, we are uniquely positioned to act for clients on the golden visa through property investment program as we have vast experience in obtaining such permits and in real estate transactions. Our wealth of experience in real estate is recognised by top legal guides, including The Legal 500. Our lawyers will therefore not only guide you through the entire residency process but will also bring their in-depth knowledge and inherent expertise in real estate law.


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